Kissamos – Balos – Gramvousa

The excursion starts from the port of Kissamos, suggested time 9:00 am, with an experienced captain. The journey lasts 35 minutes to arrive in Balos and takes 35 minutes to return.

During the route you will enjoy the amazing places of the cape, the first destination is Gramvousa where you will see its castle and swim in the clear blue water. Then you will see the shipwreck and you will also be able to explore the seabed with the equipment we have at your disposal.

Our next destination is Balos where you can explore its magical beaches and lagoon, where you will see pink sand due to crushed shells and corals.

Then we will visit by boat the hidden beaches of Balos for those who want complete privacy as you would not be able to go by the ship of the line.

Tour duration:

1 hours and 10 minutes with drinks.

3 hours with drinks.

4 hours with traditional snacks and drinks. (9:00-13:00 or 15:00-19:00)

5 hours with traditional snacks, fruits and drinks

6 hours with traditional food, salad, fruits and drinks


All boats


Portable refrigerator, Sun Awning, Masks, Snorkeling equipment, Life jackets and life jackets for children, Binoculars, Map, GPS, 5 or 6 hours with choice of food (gemista, moussaka, boureki) and drinks

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