Boats without a license

Be the Captain

You have complete privacy, you are the captain. We show you places you can safely go where the ship of the line doesn’t.

The route is Kissamos – Balos – Gramvousa and back, as you can see the entire cape since only for these parts the necessary safety measures have been taken and the amount of fuel is enough. Our company has a lifeguard boat and cooperates with the lifeguard of Balos.

You can keep whatever food and drink you want.

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Ταξιδιάρα (Taksidiara)

Αλμυρή (Almiri)

Ψυχή (Psixi)

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Instructions for renting a boat without a license.

What should I know and watch out for when renting a boat without a license?

The boat must be new, well maintained and certified by the port authority.

Life jackets: Having Life jackets for adults and children for your safety.

You should observe the protocol of the seats.

Quick stop bracelet: it is a very basic safety measure that stops the operation of the machine if the operator falls into the water for any reason.

Starting the engine: When you start the engine, the propeller must be in the water to cool the engine down in order to avoid any engine damage.

It is forbidden to take the boat near a beach with bathers.

When approaching the beach, the speed should not exceed 3 knots and always stay away from bathers.

We should be careful that the propeller will not hit rocks or the shore, so we do not get too close to the beach (there may be invisible rocks).

Avoid dangerous maneuvers or sailing in a high speed among bathers because you will be fined by the Port Authority.

We respect bathers as well as other boats.

We keep our distance from the other boats because they create waves.

Anchoring: Remember to always leave a long chain and rope, almost 3 times the size of the boat (depending on the size of the bottom). The chain of the anchor should always be completely in the water.

The use of the boat is a responsibility.

The boat does not move forward in gear. We put it in neutral (in the middle) and then start the engine.

Fuel: It is very important to have fuel with you as there are no gas stations on board, so do not stray away from the points that the person in charge has determined for you.

In case something is wrong with the boat and there is no help near you, call the person in charge who has a special rescue boat, or if you do not have a signal call 112, tell the location so that help can come immediately.