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Boats with license

Our goal is that you have a amazing experience full of luxury, comfort, security, hospitality. You will have the opportunity to explore the seabed with masks and snorkels and for absolute privacy we have unlicensed boats with all the appropriate safety measures.

Our aim for you is to safely enjoy all the precious beauties of Balos, Gramvousa and to explore the seabed, to see the entire cape and the wild goats, but also to keep beautiful and original memories of our imposing landscape.

Features: Stable, comfortable space, large spaces, Masks, Snorkels, Shade awning for the sun, Life jackets and children’s, Goggles, Experienced (local) Captain.

Φιλία (Filia)

Παρέα (Parea)

Boats without a license

You have complete privacy, you are the captain. We show you places you can safely go where the ship of the line doesn’t.

The route is Kissamos – Balos – Gramvousa and back, as you can see the entire cape since only for these parts the necessary safety measures have been taken and the amount of fuel is enough.

Our company has a lifeguard boat and cooperates with the lifeguard of Balos.

Ταξιδιάρα (Taksidiara)

Αλμυρή (Almiri)

Ψυχή (Psixi)

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SOS emergency Boat

Our company has a lifeguard boat and cooperates with the lifeguard of Balos.

In case something happens with the boat and there is no help near you, call the person in charge who has a special rescue boat, or if you do not have a signal call 112, tell the location so that help can come immediately.

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Summer Offer

Summer offer for a couple or couple with child, 
Boat Φιλία or Παρέα / 4 Hours