About Us

About Us

We provide your sea ride at the Best Price


Sea Holics helps you discover the beauty of Crete. We provide a safe, fast and comfortable tour to Kissamos, Balos and Gramvousa.

Escape to the blue, dive in the clear blue waters, see the amazing rocky landscape and live a unique experience.

Enjoy your tour!

We enjoy the natural beauty of Crete, taste traditional delicacies and gain experiences and sweet memories.

We have professional crew who will help you and give you useful instructions for a safe trip.

At Half day & Full day tours, we offer you Cretan traditional sweets and water! Enjoy!

Appropriate measures have been taken for your safety on all boats.

Seaholics company was founded by an experienced and acclaimed instructor, lifeguard with distinctions and awards recognized by the port authority, the Greek state and the Municipality of Kissamos.

The founder has many years of experience in the safety of human life in the sea.

The founder is an active lifeguard and lifeguard instructor with a recognized and certified lifeguard school from the port authority.

He contributes to all the companies of the Municipality of Kissamos as he is active in the Civil Protection.

You can safely drive our new boats up to 30hp, without a license 1, with proper instructions from experienced staff and local guides who will show you the hidden spots and animals in our place.

In all our new boats we have a mask, snorkel, binoculars and all the certified equipment required by the Greek authority, as well as first aid kit.

Our aim for you is to safely enjoy all the precious beauties of Balos, Gramvousa and to explore the seabed, to see the entire cape and the wild goats, but also to keep beautiful and original memories of our imposing landscape.

We always make sure that the boats we give you have passed the legal checks, have all the necessary certifications and meet all the safety standards for a trip.

You can discover more places that cannot be reached by the ‘Kissamos – Balos’ ship of the line.

  • Boats are checked very often as they need frequent service which, in addition to safety, also provides you with comfort on your travels.
  • Our boats are comfortable, stable and have more space than an inflatable boat.
  • Seaholics company is recognized and certified from the port authority.
  • Safety guarantee and professional ethics.
  • Pets are allowed.
  • The boats are disinfected after each trip, thus taking care of your health.
  • There are no hidden charges.
  • Our company provides equipped lifeboats for “SOS” signal.
  • All our boats are new and have a sun awning.
  • The Seaholics team cooperates with the lifeguard of Balos.
  • The boats provided without a license have GPS so that in case of disorientation immediately help can be given.

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Seaholics provide the best sea experiences  in Crete!