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Private cruise with local captain to Balos

Book now one of the most amazing cruises to Balos Beach! Our all-day Balos private cruise will offer you an unforgettable experience. Our Balos & Gramvousa private cruise will be unforgettable! You will be accompanied by our experienced captain who is a local too! He will guide you in the best way to the seas of Kissamos, revealing to you all the unknown beauties of the area and some of the hidden beaches of Crete!

The cruise is one of the best boat trips in Kissamos and starts with a visit to the amazing and really popular and Balos Beach. Right after that, you will visit Gramvousa island. There you will be able to explore a secret beach at Balos Gramvousa. Next, you will enjoy the boat ride to Agios Sozon, a place of wonderful wild beauty!

At that place you will have the opportunity to observe the wild goats that live in the area, observing them with binoculars that we will provide you.

The trip is a 6-hour or a 4-hour private cruise to Balos with traditional food. So you have the option to have launch on board and enjoy local flavors next to the sea! You can choose among 3 local homemade specialties: Moussaka, Boureki (vegetarian) or Gemista (vegetarian).

Οur goal is to offer you a complete experience full of luxury, safety, hospitality and wonderful tastes!

Rent a boat in Kissamos now and explore west Crete in the safest and most enjoyable way!

For the ultimate private tour, be the captain!

Local captain

Your captain not only has many years of experience, but is also a local. So he will provide you a safe and fun trip to the most amazing places and a secret beach at Balos Gramvousa as well!

Cretan fauna

You can see many animals in the water during your trip like fish, turtles and various shellfish. But you will also have the chance to see the unique wild goats that live in Agios Sozon!

Discover nature

You are going to visit some breathtaking landscapes! That’s why we are equipped with many sets of binoculars, which we provide you onboard, to be able to observe in detail everything that interests you.

Traditional launch

The 6-hour tour might make you hungry! That's why we give you a meal on board. You can choose from our delicious meals Moussaka, Boureki, Gemista, and drinks! On the 4-hour tour, we give you snacks and drinks!

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